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5 thoughts on “It Was You! pg 44

  1. How plastic is this after childhood?
    Is someone who grew up in a completely racially homogenous environment without TV doomed to always think that, say “All Asians look alike”?

    • We’re going to get more into this in the next couple of pages. But it’s not so much an issue of plasticity as it is sheer mathematics. For a (very) loose analogy, imagine you just finished your first year of college with a 0.5 GPA. How many years of straight As would you need to bring it up to a 3.0?

      Similarly, if you have tons and tons of experience with diagnostics A, then to even begin to build diagnostics B into your prototype you’re going to need tons and tons and tons and tons of experience with it.

      Not talking about it; not reading about it; not being told about it. Actual real experience.

      But as I said, we’ll be covering this in more detail over the coming pages.

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