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31 thoughts on “Con Law Intro pg 3

  1. Kereth Midknight said:

    . . . checks and balances! No, wait, with the three branches of government! No, wait, with theory of governance! No, wait, with English history! . . .

    Oh, no, wait, this is the Illustrated Guide to Law. We’re going to start with Janey. Janey is a nice old lady, has twelve grandkids, drives a harley, etc. She’s also a major celebrity for her hit single “@#$% you, youngsters, I ain’t knitting @#$%!” You know the drill. Today, somebody threw a rubber chicken over the fence at a children’s birthday party (one the the clowns tripped on a stray present wrapper). The rubber chicken landed in the road, unobserved, in front of Janey’s speeding motorcycle. Janey did not survive the accident.

    Now, usually this would be simply tragic, but because of Janey’s celebrity status, this is a national disaster (or so the media would have us believe). Now Jim the Congressman wants to drum up some extra public support by calling for stricter controls on rubber chickens. He also wants the new law to retroactively punish the clown and to double penalties for the use of said chickens in the presence of Janey’s surviving relatives (they’re probably traumatized, right?) We’ll see shortly how much of this he’ll be able to manage, but before he can even bring that law to congress, we need to introduce another important player. That’s right, it’s time to bring in:

    The LOBBYIST ($) . . .

      • Robert said:

        I think I know how this works:
        For all practical purposes, what matters is not what the Constitution says, but rather what the Supreme Court says it says, and they can find some excuse to say it says (or doesn’t say) pretty much whatever they want it to say (or not say, as the case may be).

        • David M said:

          Not just what SCOTUS says it is, but also various district and appellate courts as precedent.

          I get so tired of the politicians who thump their CATO pocket constitutions. Thump this one instead:

          The Annotated Constitution (HTML: PDF:

          It’s literally like the Bible – there’s the text, and then there are the rabbinical interpretations that actually make up the Law. You gotta have them both.

          • Gregory T. Bogosian said:

            Unless you grew up in the protestant church, where the priestly interpretations of the scriptures are looked upon with nothing but disdain and contempt.

            • The Catholic church doesn’t have that rabbinical tradition, either. They have some basic doctrines that might foreclose certain interpretations, but for the most part leave it open. (Also, many people don’t realize that Catholic doctrine says you shouldn’t take the Bible literally, and instead the point a story is trying to make is what’s important.)

              • Gregory T. Bogosian said:

                So if you are a gentile, then the constitution is nothing like the bible.

    • See, this right here is why we really need a thumbs-up button.

    • Esurnir said:

      I absolutely want to see Janey now in the comic. Please Nate make this happen and her Harley riding single.

  2. Cyrus Nash said:

    Is there a way to script the site so that when you add several new pages at once, the front page redirects to the first new page, instead of showing the very most recent page? Or maybe there could just be a link to the beginning of the current chapter/section.

    • SPACKlick said:

      The save my place button saves the page you clicked it on. If you use iMacros on Firefox you can set a bookmark that goes to whatever place that links to.

      There’s probably a techie way to set the loadbutton function to play on arriving at the site, the issue would be not setting it to run every time you visited a comic. Possibly having a blank page that just runs that script so you can bookmark your saved page would be the way to go.

  3. Antistone said:

    This is not quite what you asked for, but note that you can get to the start of any chapter via the “Contents” page, and there are also buttons to save and load your current reading position.

  4. Chug said:

    *sings* We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union…

      • REC said:

        Provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare…

        • Funny how that last bit often gets left out when people thump it like it’s a bible…

        • and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity…

          [Trivia Time! The priest who married my wife and me (Jay Sidebotham) was one of the animators for Schoolhouse Rock!]

          • Y. Exeter said:

            …do ordain and establish this Constitution…

            • Chug said:

              This Constitution… for the United States of… America!

              • Chug said:

                (oops. wish we could edit comments)

          • SeanR said:

            And so you decided to do your part to continue his earlier work.
            It is much appreciated.

            • If I win the lottery, I promise I’ll make an animated series. (How awesome would that be!) Whatever gets the info out there, right?

              • UsaSatsui said:

                Who needs lottery? We have Kickstarter. :P

  5. Raen said:

    The rainbow motif has me thinking “Obergefell”…

      • Mike Cody said:

        Myself as well. A classic case of the right result obtained by a seriously flawed process.

        • Raen said:

          Honestly, Obergefell is when I stopped caring about the process, and came to realize, as the Romans eventually did, the necessity of absolute monarchy. It’s not that it was the most important decision, but just how little anyone seemed to care, how hostile to the idea of caring, with even Penn, who’d said similar things about Roe v. Wade, shouting his unmitigated joy. My eyes opened then to the fact that we just about all prefer absolute monarchy to “modern” government, we just don’t want to call it by that name (how about “commandership”?) because of how we’ve been raised. It’s not really a good thing, or a bad thing, just a true thing; it’s not a matter of right or wrong, only a matter of time.

          • Robert said:

            Stalin. Hitler. Mao. Kim.

  6. J.M.R said:

    Hello Nathan,

    I just binged on your webcomic and I’m frankly glad that I did so. I learned more then a bit and while I hope that this will never come up for me. I think that what you are showing to all who are willing to read up on this comic is a great service to the general public how exactly your rights protect them and to show how their rights should be used in a practical setting. I’ll definitely try to show others this.

    For that I wish to thank you and wish you happiness. :)

    • Thank you very much! I’m glad you got something out of it. There’s more to come soon!

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