Hey all! I haven’t forgotten you, I’m still around. I’m doing a murder trial right now, and the comic just has to wait until it’s over. [Update 6/27/2015: Yup, trial’s still going. Sorry.] [Update 12:01 a.m. 6/30/2015 Well, no, I’m not actually¬†sorry, but I do kinda feel bad that y’all have to wait a bit longer. And you do. Because… y’know… work.¬†BUT everything’s totally scripted through the end of the chapter. It’s just a matter of drawing it. Or rewriting it. No! I didn’t say that. Just drawing. that’s all. I’d better go to bed. Gotta be in court in the A.M.] [Final Update: Trial’s over, just in time to get back to this over the Independence Day weekend!]

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