By popular demand, due to an apparent glut of misinformation on campuses and elsewhere, I put together a simple flowchart of what is and isn’t rape:

Was It Rape 5 700

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  1. You can read this entire chapter in its original single-page scroll on the comic’s old Tumblr site here.

  2. Gregory Bogosian says

    Will we see the resolution of this case in the criminal procedure section?

  3. Tim says

    Stickie has really bad luck. Just saying.

  4. KW says

    Other possible issues to consider might be whether he’s had complaints from other women, and whether she’s had substantiated false complaints against other men; either might show a history of intent.

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  6. The Phule says

    Question: Is it rape if you’re forced to penetrate someone that you do not want to penetrate? For example, say two people are horsing around in the showers and one forces the other’s fingers up their own arse?

    And I’m not asking because I’ve seen this happen or anything. I’m just honestly curious.

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