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  1. Gregory Bogosian says

    Why is the symbol on the badge a pentagram star? Is it supposed to be The Star of David?

    • The symbols being used are the common lawyer shorthand for each kind of player. Instead of writing out the whole word “defendant,” for example, one simply writes “Δ,” the Greek letter Delta. A star commonly represents law enforcement (probably representing a badge). The Greek letter Pi for prosecutor, ΔC for defense counsel.

      • On top of that, I would imagine it’s the symbol for police because pentagrams are a symbol of protection from evil.

    • It is the star of a county sheriff or other law enforcement official. I don’t know why stars are symbols of american officialdom, but they are. Look at our flag.

      • They’re a common symbol worldwide. Many countries will have a crown on police badges or as rank pips, but that’s obviously not appropriate for countries which no longer have a monarchy. Many of these countries will have stars instead.

  2. Andrew Farrell says

    I Just realized that the dude in the center has his finger on the trigger when he clearly isn’t pointing it at anything he’s ready to fire at.

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