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  1. ManYunSoo says

    Tough job. Need to go dumpster-diving in the prosecutor’s trash can if you want to really succeed!

  2. Robert Montrose says

    Hey, since the SCOUS has decided dumpster diving isn’t a search, there isn’t any reason why a DC can’t hire a PI to grab the trash from the DA’s office.

    • Some cities make properly-put-out trash city property, to make it illegal for reporters (and probably also PIs) to dumpster-dive. This is probably also done to protect valuable recyclables.

      • There’s no need to “protect” recyclables that the owner is throwing away instead of recycling. In that case, society is actually better off if someone picks through the trash and pulls the recyclables outs.

        Your trash often contains documents that can be used to help commit fraud, though. (Like all those unsolicited credit card offers you probably throw away unopened.)

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