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  1. Geocan't ff says

    Love the series. Those big gears are drawn so they can’t turn. they just lock up.

  2. mathman says

    Love what you’re doing here! Keep it up!

  3. Ryan W. says

    Great Comic… It seems to lack a bit of transition from one character to the next. I’ve kindof gotten the hang of it now, but from cop to prosecutor was a bit disorienting.

      • Perhaps an icon in the corner at the end of each section, signifying the transition to a new character? Like magazines do at the end of articles.

  4. XiaoGui17 says

    I like the way player evaluates each one prior. In a way, I see it stacking up the lines of defense–if the cop arrests you, the prosecutor won’t necessarily charge you, if the prosecutor charges you, the defense counsel can protect you, etc.

    I was surprised when I actually first started observing criminal courts. The system wasn’t as adversarial as I had been led to believe. The defense counsel and prosecutor approached most cases with more of a sense of “what can we agree to?” than “whose side is the judge going to take?”

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