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  1. pingo1387 says

    The policeman looks suspiciously like Charlie’s dealer…

  2. pingo1387 says

    Oh, wait, that was supposed to be the policeman in panel one, wasn’t it? Please disregard my previous comment, then ^^

  3. Anonymous says

    Alright, we got the perp; we’re looking for a tall man in a black suit with no face, no hair… goes by the street name: “Slender Man”.

  4. Anonymous says

    I wonder if we eventually address the fact that charlie needed that offer of leniency in writing, signed by a prosecutor. A cop’s word means nothing.

    • yeah, but the cop would much rather have a higher level dealer than some street dealer, and if they fink on a deal, the word may get out, making it harder to get the high level dealers in the future.

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