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8 thoughts on “Police vs Privacy pg 43

  1. Eldric IV said:

    What did Boomhauer do?

    • According to him: “Yeah man I tell you what man the first time I don’t wear my dang ol lucky leopard print and the dang old beer in public man I told that cop what was what man and next thing we’re like bam bam bam and man talk about a big mistake y’all.”

      Then again, I might not have heard him right.

      • Anonymous said:

        That was the best possible reply to that comment. Heard him perfectly in my head. And here I thought I couldn’t love coming to this site any more..

        • Anonymous said:

          I have to agree with you!

      • KW said:

        That does look like Boomhauer; was that deliberate?

  2. Prisoners Dillema said:

    In United America, government siezes YOU!!!

  3. Tyris said:

    Is there any way to read the words “detention level” in that last panel without screaming about garbage mashers?

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