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  1. pingo1387 says

    “No, over here, sir. With your face smooshed against the wall.”

  2. Raen says

    …is it my imagination, or are those captions new?

  3. JJ says

    Of COURSE the cop is gonna say they saw some shit! Just look at youtube at all the times they actually get caught… How many times do they get aw32ay with making shit up? Jury Nullification every time for the win! I’ve made it happen before and I’ll gladly make it happen again.

    • Seeing how this is fictional work used to show how the legal side of things(are supposed) to work, it’s not too far of a stretch to have something come up.

      Key word here is fictional, though. The comic could have an arc having chocolate sauce illegal, and all that would do is illustrate a point or be used to show how the law should handle it.

    • Be careful about mentioning that in public, lest you end up like Laura Kriho.

      These are dangerous times for freedom.

      • Kriho wasn’t prosecuted for convincing the rest of the jury to nullify, she was prosecuted for contempt of court by failing to mention her involvement in marijuana advocacy groups during voir dire.

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