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Join the conversation! There are now 8 comments on “Police vs Privacy pg 57
  1. Advert says

    Nice artwork! I’m really liking how you’re doing this, it’s very enjoyable to read :)

  2. Chris says

    Just look at that face in the second panel. That’s my new favorite panel. I didn’t have a favorite panel previously, but I have one now.

  3. kd7sov says

    This prosecutor is very enthusiastic. She’s the same one from the wiretap incident, right?

  4. Kim says

    This is more a questions about the way the law should work than they way it actually works.

    The officers are allowed to frisk to look for weapons, not to search and individual. A bag of drugs is not a weapon, nor could it feel like a weapon when in a pocket to any reasonable person. So pulling a bag of something soft out of a pocket should be an illegal search shouldn’t it? It wasn’t a weapon, you didn’t have any reason to think it might be a weapon during the frisk, and you didn’t have probably cause to invade their privacy.

    A similar question if an officer frisks you and pulls your wallet out of your pocket, opens it and finds pills inside, isn’t that an illegal search? They couldn’t reasonably be a dangerous weapon in that space. They searched your person and your property in a way that was not based on probable cause or a need to protect them.

  5. Keiya says

    Darn it Pi, stop being adorable.

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