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  1. I’ll take “Questions you should never ask a police officer who’s stopped your car” for $100, Alex? Honestly…
    Maybe he just doesn’t want his love of whaling songs to be discovered?

  2. Blaise Pascal says

    From the way Patty reacted, I’m assuming Patty knew nothing about what Jake was transporting until he started freaking out about the DUI checkpoint. From the way Jake is reacting to the idea of searching the car and/or the trunk, I’m assuming there’s a lot more than the one baggie he shoved through the floorboards.

    How much trouble is Patty in?

  3. shirenomad says

    Patty, you need a filter between your brain and your mouth. Jake, you need a better poker face.

  4. Y. Exeter says

    I’m feeling sick, my head feels like it’s stuffed with cotton, and I think I need to irrigate my sinuses… and this absolutely made my day. Thank you. XD

  5. Advert says

    In before K9 (dog) squad. Sniff snuff, now we can search your trunk.

  6. Jonathon says

    I just want to comment on how cute Patty is with her non-swear words. She seems like such a nice girl and needs to dump that loser Jake.

  7. Legion says

    Sentence: 5-10 in prison, and 2 months as a meme.

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