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  1. Y. Exeter says

    So much for “quiet”.

    It looks like the person riding the screaming metal deathtrap on two whe– er, I mean, motorcycle is in for a rude awakening.

  2. Jonathon says

    I love the duck boots. Is this Alaska?

    • To prevent confusion (because the law varies a bit from state to state), I don’t specify any particular state. When I want to use a state name, I usually just call it “the fictional state of Fremont.”

      Apparently, the fictional state of Fremont has a rich variety of geography and climates.

  3. Christopher says

    Am I seeing this correctly, in that the police car is committing the ‘Nudge’ on the motorcycle? I suspect that you will get to this in due time, but I would like to know the specifics of what maneuvers can be performed during a chase. I understand that the purpose of the officers is to Stop The Vehicle before it causes harm to itself or others, so offensive maneuvers can be done against cars, but for a motorcycle, that seems to be endangering to the rider’s life. Is this excessive force?

    On the other-hand, a firearm is being pointed at the officers, so this would be a maneuver in self-defense, or an equivalent, I suspect.

    By the way, Thanks Nathaniel. This is a good comic. Very Educational.

  4. Vu says

    Well that escalated quickly.

  5. KW says

    The cop is clearly driving at an unsafe speed (If you’re in the air, you don’t have control of the vehicle). This is what roadblocks are for.

  6. Eric says

    Nah, as long as you aren’t turning, you’re fine. And roadblocks don’t go nearly fast enough to catch air.

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