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  1. ShireNomad says

    I see that today’s lesson will be on hot pursuit.

  2. Raen says

    Throwing it in the bushes? Yeah, that’s going to work.

      • “No, Officer, I didn’t commit that crime. That was my identical twin. He went through her, have you seen him? He was holding a gun.”

        • Ah yes, the trusty doppelg√§nger defense.

          Favorite war story on this one: Back when I was a young prosecutor, a defendant swore on the stand that the crime had been committed by another guy on that corner dressed just like him.

          He’d been wearing purple pants and a big clock around his neck — not even a Flavor Flav clock but like a cuckoo clock or something. I believe my cross examination consisted entirely of an amused look at the jury.

  3. These cops need to be wearing something resembling a uniform that labels them as cops. They could get shot by a homeowner thinking they were robbers.

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