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  1. Oddstar says

    Alright! I’ve been waiting to see them again. I hope we get to learn more about them all. They were an interesting crew.

  2. Jonathon says

    They let him keep his pipe in jail?

    • Yes, and the tux is actually manditory. And there are no walls, just this gaint bubble thing that attacks you if you try to leave.

  3. Jason says

    The threads! They weave!

  4. beezee says

    Welcome back, doc, enjoy your stay.

  5. Jon says

    It’s that guy!

    Now, will the lack of Miranda Rights be important… I remember you saying it’s actually a benefit to police to tell a suspect them, right?

  6. Chuck says

    Someone remind me where we saw this guy before?

    • The “Conspiracy” chapter covers the bank heist (the planning, execution, and subsequent failure). Page 4 of said chapter (p=443) shows the agreement between Dr. Synthcore (the guy with the pipe) and Bob Chase (the guy that just planted the car bomb) to case the bank.

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