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  1. pingo1387 says

    Oh good, we’re back here, in color!

  2. Mark C says

    Hmm, the lady air-marshal didn’t know they were cops until the final “you’re under arrest” (no uniforms, some known criminals with them). “Nobody move” could be followed by “this is a stickup”.

    Of course I don’t know who’s who here. Having a confusing situation with guns and not knowing who’s whom is a pretty dangerous situation.

        • I’m guessing to keep the plot consistent with the “Conspiracy” section, but the question of bringing Synthcore and Tziz out of the vehicles would still be valid back there, I suppose…

    • Actually, not even “you’re under arrest” identifies them as law enforcement officers. A citizen can make an arrest (and a criminal can impersonate an officer).

      But I bet “I thought they were criminals, that’s why I shot at the police” never stands up in court.

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