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Join the conversation! There are now 10 comments on “Convict Yourself pg 76
  1. Y. Exeter says

    No Miranda? Hmm, I wonder how this will affect proceedings later…

    • It probably won’t affect the proceedings. In real life the police usually wait until a formal interrogation is already being conducted before they read the suspect their rights.

  2. Oddstar says

    I still want to know who Mrs. Flavors’ husband is? When do we meet Mr. Flavors?

  3. beezee says

    The moral here is that if you’re involved in a conspiracy, you should be one of the people in charge so you don’t get handcuffed.

  4. Joe says

    Nathan, have you considered adding navigation arrows at the top of the page? I believe it would make catching up on you work much easier.

    • I’m a member of one private site where the navigation arrows are ONLY at the top; you read down to the bottom, then have to scroll back to the top to go to the next page. My bank is similar — if I’m reading my statement backwards, I have to scroll back to the bottom to click forward in time, or even to just skip some pages.

  5. KW says

    I just noticed (while looking back to see if there were new comments) that the suspects were not fully told what they were being arrested for; is that relevant?

    • I doubt it. I think they actually prefer to not tell you what you’re accused of, makes you more likely to talk. Think of the cop who asks you why he’s pulled you over.

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