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  1. Rufus Shinra says

    Ohhhhhh, nice! The spotter made a deal with the police and will act as if he was working with them all along, right? That could actually help him quite a lot, if he gets her to talk a bit more.

  2. When do you plan to start the TV series, in the fasion of Schoolhouse Rock?

  3. Beezee says

    Let me guess. It’s a lie. It’s a liiiieeee

    And this is going to lead into something or other about whether the cops can lie to extract a confession.

  4. Kevin says

    Does anyone else find Mrs. Flavors silence unsettling? It is not wise to tell the police anything you do not have too, but she seems like the daredevil type.

    • There are two kinds of daredevils:

      1) The ones who take risks without thinking
      2) The ones alive.

      She definitely has some experience, and she most likely knows that speaking would be stupid.

  5. Oddstar says

    Oooh, is the informant her husband?

  6. nick012000 says

    So, I wonder how many military regulations got broken before this comic started. I’m pretty sure that armed military aircraft aren’t supposed to be stored on a civilian airfield.

    Also, I’m not sure about America, but I know that down here in Australia, all personnel on an airfield are supposed to have either an ASIC card or a visitor’s pass visible on their persons at all times. I wonder if the evidence gathered here can be thrown out because the police weren’t wearing their ID cards in a visible location?

    • I can’t see why the unrelated issue of airfield regs violations should give a reason to suppress evidence. It doesn’t have anything to do with the case.

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