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Join the conversation! There are now 20 comments on “Convict Yourself pg 85
  1. Jeff says

    Oh my god she has an Axe Cop poster. <3

    (Don't recognize the others, though the OBEY one looks a little familiar.)

  2. Robert Montrose says

    Thing is, is she flattered in the sense of professional respect? Or is it more the, “Dude, is she single?” kind of flattery that Ms. Π has been attracting?

    • Her, “I’m flattered,” may be sarcasm that actually means, “Stop blowing smoke up my ass,” or some other similar putdown/dismissal of flattery/asskissing. I’m not sure how to read her facial expression there with the coffee cup in the way and the odd angle.

  3. KW says

    Nathan, out of curiosity, you’ve been posting a lot; is it a bit slow at work lately, or are you shifting over to spend more time on the comic?

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