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  1. Esurnir says

    Writing that update sure was an emerency

  2. David says

    Wait, wouldn’t a reasonable person assume that if a policeman is holding their arm in a painful spot and aggressively asking about a bomb (that they clearly think you have a connection to) that you were being compelled to answer? Making it an involuntary confession anyway?

  3. WJS says

    After the emergency was over, ☆ continued questioning him without reading him his rights, right? So that testimony and all evidence leading from it is in jeopardy? The feds were well along in their own investigation so it probably doesn’t matter in this case, but if the circumstances were different he could have blown the whole case?

  4. Antsan says

    I know that hold from Aikido. If done right it doesn’t hurt at all if you don’t move.

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