Incrimination doesn't only mean a full confession. Any statement that would help the prosecution prove guilt counts as incriminating.

Couldn’t post this yesterday because apparently Reddit hugged my site to death. Again. I’ve tightened up some code and got my web host to streamline some database stuff to make that less of a problem in the future, but who knows. Thanks for the internet love, regardless!


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    • I analyzed him with /u/trollabot!

      Analyzing the_criminal_lawyer

      comments per month: 5.9
      posts per month: 1.7 (lurker)
      favorite sub: law
      favorite words: you’re, really, those
      age: 4 years 0 months (old man)
      profanity score: 0.4% (Gosh darnet gee wiz)
      trust score: 85%
      Fun facts about the_criminal_lawyer:

      -“I am a lawyer, and yes that’s fraud.”
      -“I’ve created some nice music, some good friendships, a lot of garbage, and of course the monsters of my own destruction.”
      -“I’ve really finished my work, I just call it a day, go home early and play with the kids.”
      -“I’ve given you something to get started with, at least.”
      -“I’ve been asked to do this for Canadian and Australian law, but I’m still not convinced that those are even real places.”
      -“I am not a hot girl.”
      -“I’ve got the monitors up on some 6″ high stands.”
      -“I’ve only seen a very few judges permit any kind of note-taking.”
      -“I’ve never ever seen a judge let the jurors take a written copy of the instructions into deliberations.”
      -“I’ve heard from a variety of other jurisdictions, as well.”
      -“I am not your lawyer; This ain’t legal advice” I actually used to lose potential clients every now and then because I looked so young.”

  1. Andrew M. Farrell says

    It wasn’t me!

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