If you don't properly invoke your Miranda rights, the police can use your statements if they don't force you to start talking against your will. If you voluntarily start talking, you're waiving your rights.

Make it memorable with a MiG.

And be sure to point the weapony things at both Mrs. Flavors and the reader, to subconsciously imply the threat of the scenario while at the same time acting as a silent chorus emphasizing the inherent symbolism of the police-defendant, captor-captive, empowered-male-subjugated-female dynamic as an allegory for the dualistic nature of law in modern society that both frees and enslaves while pointing an accusing finger-cannon at the reader’s judgmental gaze that….

Ah, heck. I just like drawing planes.

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  1. HJ says

    Well, if you’re going to draw a plane, might as well be a MiG-15.

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