Crime means those acts that are so wrong... so bad... so dangerous... that society PUNISHES those who do them.

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  1. AnonymousCoward says

    What the hell is ‘social disapprobation’??? I was with you, until that!

  2. anon says

    I would like to note that there are crimes that are neither wrong nor dangerous nor disliked by the population.

  3. Keiya says

    Wouldn’t, by that definition, most drug offenses *not* be crimes? Dealing, sure you can make an argument there, but possession isn’t wrong, bad, or in many cases particularly dangerous.

    (Of course, there’s also “it’s a crime because we say it is, now go to jail”. There probably *shouldn’t* be, but there is.)

    • Maybe not now, where you live, but at one time they were (for various and in some cases, racist, reasons) considered bad enough to warrant punishment.

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