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  1. deinspanjer says

    I just found your site a bit ago, and it is very interesting, but there are no easily visible dates on either the comics or the comments so I’m not sure if I’m commenting on something that was recent or several years old.

    Anyway, thinking about the problem with showups versus lineups, couldn’t better technology today help improve the problems there?

    If the police detain or arrest someone matching the description, it seems that it would be technologically feasible for them to take a picture with nice close up detail, and use software to quickly build a virtual lineup that could then be presented on a tablet to the witness right there at the scene.

    The software wouldn’t be trivial, it would have to deal with differences in clothing and background, but as long as all of the images are corrected in the same manner (including the suspect’s), it seems to me that it should still provide a good improvement and reduce false positives and memory alteration.

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