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Join the conversation! There are now 14 comments on “It Was You! pg 77
  1. Muzer says

    Nice HHGTG reference there!

  2. Cyrus Nash says

    “I’m sick of drawing law cartoons, trains are my thing, now. Next week, on *the Illustrated Guide to Rolling Stock…”

  3. SeanR says

    I did find the OMG Oil car in the first frame.
    Even blowing the image up, I can’t make out some of the text in the cab.

  4. SeanR says

    Thank you. That’s much easier to read all the gags in.

  5. Derek says

    frame 1: Redcap walks perpendicular to train tracks
    frame 2: Redcap is seen walking parallel and between tracks from the Engineer’s position on the Heart of Snow.

    Clearly, there are two redcaps.

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