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Join the conversation! There are now 4 comments on “It Was You! pg 84
  1. Pavel D says

    I assume, based on my feelings right now, that this is going to result in a lot of head scratching.
    I wonder how many visitors will connect this Cora to the one from the Entrapment chapter (a link might help); for many of them, this sudden switch from Male suspect and male attorney to a female suspect and female attorney might be very confusing.

  2. Furslid says

    As a nonlawyer, I have to say that is complete and utter bullshit. Suppose that the cops and prosecutors are confident you committed a crime. They are going to charge you They are going to stick you in a lineup. They are going to charge you. Why do you have a right to counsel if they arrest you, charge you, then stick you in a lineup? Why don’t you if they arrest you, stick you in a lineup, then charge you.

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