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  1. David Argall says

    The law’s protection is distinctly dubious. Mostly it protects itself from us, or its friends when they want to take advantage of us rather than actually protect us. And its definitions of teaching and correcting are also self-serving.

  2. “Protect”, “Teach”, and “Correct” are all defined in a self serving way. The law has a rather un-mother-like goal of protecting it and its friends from us, not protecting us.

  3. Expat01 says

    Both perspectives are skewed. I’d say that, sure, sometimes the law is like a mom… and, sure, sometimes it is self-serving, or is enforced/enacted/whatever in a self-serving manner… but the fact is if some guy in a bar busts your teeth in with a beer bottle, you’re happy it’s there. So shaddap.

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