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  1. You can read this entire chapter in its original single-page scroll on the comic’s old Tumblr site here.

  2. Anon says

    Shouldn’t this read Part 10 instead of Part 9? The next page says Part 10!

    • Yup. This was part 9 just now. I must have been dozing off when I wrote that (I work on this stuff mostly after the wife and kids are asleep).

  3. Luís Silva says

    Actually my local jurisdiction draws the line later, but still allows abandonment. A classic case is of the man who shot another, regreted it afterwards and called an ambulance. If the man who was shot lives, the first man won’t be charged with attempted murder. He will be charged due to the according physical injury though.

    • I suppose it helps that a definite action was taken to not just stop attempting the crime, but attempting to undo the damages of the crime.

  4. Legion says

    *stubs out cigarette, throws away empty bottle of bourbon, closes blinds.*

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