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  1. Yes, I hand-wrote that Constitution in the corner. Cut-and-pasting the real thing looked stupid. As a bonus, though, I found out that my real-life handwriting is extremely similar to that of the original (often uncredited) scribe, Jacob Shallus. Obviously I don’t use the long S or all those flourishes, but the rest was surprisingly close!

      • Depends on whom I’m writing for. Quick notes for my eyes only are nigh indecipherable. Where clarity is important I print neatly in small caps. But for ordinary legibility, yeah, it looks a lot like that.

  2. Gregory T. Bogosian says

    It seems like most of the issues that you pointed out could just as easily be resolved by legislation as by adjudication. So how did all those things become considered constitutional issues?

  3. Devilbunny says

    Those are some mighty short generation times you’re talking about there. The only people I know whose grandparents were old enough to be involved in Sixties protests are under the age of ten…

    but then, my grandfather’s grandfather was born 171 years before I was.

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