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  1. Oddstar says

    By the way, this story arc was by far my favorite. This was really great. I hope you bring these characters back at some point. Maybe we can see their trial for this conspiracy during the section on criminal procedure.

  2. kd7sov says

    Well, Bahr’s got a gun on someone – I think that’d be the tort of assault, but I have the impression criminal charges would be a bit different. He might also have some culpability for the baby, though that’s a bit murkier.

    Flavors is in possession of stolen property, that’s for certain. If they can prove she stole it, or link her to the ATM stuff, that’s also a thing.

    Dan, if he’s caught, aided and abetted… I think.

    Synthcore contributed to the commission of a crime, and attempted another, but he also… is “turned state’s evidence” the right phrase? Helped get the others caught, anyway, which I understand usually reduces sentences.

    I’m pretty sure there’s something they could try to pin on Ledway, but I got no idea what.

    Big Cheese probably kept his hands clean enough that they can’t link it to him except by the narrator’s word, if that.

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