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  1. Joshua says

    Hey Nathan,

    I assume it’s because you’re posting one page after the other, but I’m only receiving the second page from RSS. Seems the plugin you’re using only lists the most recent post in its feed.

  2. ASDF says

    And then both numbers became wildly impractical, although there’s probably someone out there who’d say that having over ten thousand representatives is a good idea.

    • I would! I think having more representatives was impossible before we invented some better communications devices, but now that we have them I think making congress more functionally representative of the people (not to mention improve the problems with the electoral college) would make government more effective. And it would significantly reduce the ability for gerrymandering to be effective.

      • It’s hard enough getting a group of 435 people to make decisions. It may make things “more representative”, but if you want to make a group of decision-makers more effective, adding more people to the mix does not help.

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