3 thoughts on “Conspiracy pg 31

  1. So for the conspirators to be liable for the baby’s death, they would have to foresee that the guard would miss Judge and kill a baby? (It was the guard right? Or did I misread earlier?)

    • I think the fact that since Judge decided to bring along a gun in the first place, with the intent to use it in the course of the robbery, made it “dangerous to begin with”.

      They probably didn’t need to forsee the precise fact that a guard would miss and shoot a bystander not even in the bank. However, they probably could have forseen Officer Murphy and his Law making everything go wahooni-shaped, leading to several people getting shot.

      • I totally forsee that bullets sometimes miss and missed bullets sometimes hit bystanders.
        Gun safety 101: Every bullet fired stops in something. And if you’re not aiming at a target range, you had better be expecting it to stop in someONE who you hope to be killed.

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