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  1. There was a murderer in Canada who killed women by forcing bottles of alcohol down their throat. Not usually in such small quantities that they got to use this defense; they discovered him because these women who died of alcohol poisoning had ridiculously high levels of alcohol in their blood, like .900.

  2. I’m pretty sure someone has had a bottle of booze forced down their throat before, like say a Frat party?

    • Hmm, now that makes for an interesting case,. Fraternity hazing ritual requires pledge to consume a large quantity of alcohol. Pledge is black out drunk as a result. Pledge is dared to steal police car, makes the attempt and in charged with grand theft, drunk driving, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

      How culpable is the pledge? He could have theoretically refused to participate in the hazing, and becoming intoxicated.

      Of course, the frat brothers are also culpable, but if the hazing was administered by several members, are they each individually charged fully for the defendant’s actions?

      Who dared the defendant to steal the police car? Perhaps the suggestion was chanted by the whole group? Or suppose it was a fellow pledge who was also black-out drunk at the time he made the suggestion?

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