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  1. Dhamon says

    Oh, now that’s just playing dirty.

    • Yes, I would wholeheartedly agree. We tend to rely on police in crowd situations to set the boundaries of acceptable conduct. It may not be entrapment, but I freely confess I would have a hard time voting for a conviction if I were on that jury.

  2. WJS says

    I can’t say I’m surprised. The police (and by extension the state) hate even peaceful protests, and will shut them down any way they can.

    • That’s a pretty enormous generalization, considering how many individuals “The police (and by extension the state)” includes. Just saying.

  3. Scott McNay says

    In this case, I think it might be a mens rea situation. Just because people are blocking the bridge doesn’t mean they were doing it maliciously. You see this all the time; someone stops to talk to someone or poke at their phone, not realizing they’re in the way; a quick “excuse me”, and things are straightened out. As the saying goes, never assume malice…

    I think this is just a “parade without a permit” situation, or similar.

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