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Join the conversation! There are now 2 comments on “Necessity pg 19
  1. Frank Sheeran says

    I’ve enjoyed several hundred pages of your amazing book and enjoyed both the matters of law and artwork. I’ve also spotted a few of the easter eggs (Sam and Max Hit the Road; the 2 pi clock) hidden around.

    I’d like to point out just one quibble with this particular example. If Jack was moments from saving himself, its not clear to me how Jill would nonetheless have died–after all tension would have been relieved, right? So her actions killed one in lieu of killing none, right? Apologies if I’ve misread.

  2. PD says

    This page is really wrong.

    Jill is saying nonsense: “It was me living instead of you”

    The situation is just as Frank Sheeran says: “It was you dying when you didn’t have to”, or MAYBE “I’d rather kill you then risk that your rescue attempt somehow pulls me down in those few seconds”.

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