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5 thoughts on “Duress pg 1

  1. Nathan, If I may pose a question to you to pick your brain and also to leave a comment.

    Bought the book and showed it to a couple of my Under Grad Prof’s they loved it – So I plan on ordering each of them a copy when I graduate.

    Secondly we were posed a hypothetical in class today and I immediately thought of your book. In a conspiracy/accomplice liability – lets say someone gets kidnapped and then told at gun point they will be robbing a bank. During that armed robbery an innocent bystander gets shot (and dies). My question is since duress can never be used as a defense against murder – does the kidnapped person have a defense or is he up a creek?

    • I would expect that, while duress is not accepted as a defense for murder normally, it would be an accepted defense for conspiracy, so you wouldn’t be liable in the first place.

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