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  1. Ben says

    That’s right. The state has to tax you into poverty, so it can pay for your jail time when you’re forced to steal to make ends meet — The state has to hurt you so it can help you when it hurts you and forces you to hurt the state.

    • I’ve never seen a state “tax someone into poverty”. Depending on the state, California for example, taxation is progressive. A person who makes $10K a year isn’t getting taxed, and is likely getting money back. A person who makes $100K a year is getting taxed a percentage of their income but it’s not enough to make them poverty stricken. Opinions are fine, but when making a statement facts are useful.

    • Taxing you into poverty only happens because idiots insist progressive taxation – taxing you proportionally more if you have more – is somehow wrong, rather than the only rational solution to people having needs they need to meet.

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