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  1. JW says

    Dig the “OMG Hats!” and “Fudge!” signs…

  2. Charlie says

    APPLEJACK! /Best/ pony!

  3. kd7sov says

    Mighty convenient, having the jail right next to the saloon.

  4. Murdoc Addams says

    Definitely points for putting in Applejack!

  5. WJS says

    Are these guys just traditional ranchers, or do they actually live in the 19th century? Because I wouldn’t expect the law to stay constant over 150 years, even in a basic area like self-defense.

  6. Permutator says

    Ha, I wasn’t expecting to see any references to THAT show in this comic! Kudos!

  7. Matthew M says

    Was the fudge sign a reference to Hannibal the Cannibal musical?

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