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  1. Fred says

    Then the guy that shot Trayvon Martin is screwed, Right?

    • If all humans were the same size and strength, then it would all be a clear case. The problem is when the attacker is bigger, stronger, healthier than the defending side, things get fuzzy and will depend on jurisdiction and the jury.

      • I too have always been skeptical of the idea that bare hands are not (potentially) deadly weapons. Less potential than a knife (which is far from certainly lethal), and much less than a gun, but if you bash my head off the sidewalk a few times and I’m just as dead as if you took the time to asphyxiate me.

    • Also, I seem to recall that Florida’s different too. Apparently there a “chutzpah defense” can turn something into self-defense.

      • If you are talking about the Stand Your Ground Law, then no there is not, because the Stand Your Ground Law is not a defense, but a method of having charges dropped before the case goes to trial.

    • Nope- Trayvon hit GZ first. Even if, after the first exchange of blows, GZ started to gain the upper hand, TM still couldn’t use the ‘self-defense’ justification for whatever he did… he started the conflict.

        • And stalking a person while brandishing a gun is pretty fucking threatening, and is exactly what Zimmerman was doing before Martin allegedly attacked him.

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