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  1. Dhamon says

    Dear State,

    Tell that to police that wrongfully arrest people all the time for believing in fake laws and don’t get punished or corrected.


  2. Dhamon says

    Also, shouldn’t this actually fall on the suppliers who sent him turtles fro NY? All he intended was to buy turtles, did the suppliers give him any reason to believe the turtles were from NY?

  3. WJS says

    Wouldn’t that make beef farming illegal? Cows are protected in India, aren’t they?

    • Its illegal to buy or sell any species in violation of the law of any country, not kill, butcher, and eat any species in violation of the law of any country. Its legal to buy or sell a cow in India because Indians still use them for diary.

    • Assuming that’s true…here’s the thing.

      If snapping turtles are protected in New York, then if you get your snapping turtles from California you’re not acting in contravention of New York’s law, so you’re fine here (assuming they’re not otherwise protected in California, of course).

      Same thing applies–you can only be receiving them in contradiction of Indian law if you’re getting them from India. Indian law has no bearing on steers you might get from, say, Texas.

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