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  1. Curious says


    I’m **really not a fan** of this kind of behaviour, but I know that some people engage in “Consensual non-consent” as a fetish – i.e. rape play as a sexual activity, where people consent to another person using force to compel them to have sex – either from their partner, a friend or even in some cases a casual acquaintance or relative stranger (it’s sick IMO, but to each their own).

    If *any* instance of using force to compel someone to have sex is classified as rape ‘as a matter of law’ wouldn’t that then make this fetish universally illegal, even in the presence of mutual, informed and sober consent?

    • But what you describe is not an instance of using force to compel someone to have sex. What you describe is consensual behavior, not compelled. It’s not forced on them against their will, but rather is invited. It’s a simulation of rape, not actual rape.

      The misunderstanding might lie with the word “force” having different meanings as a noun and as a verb. Though physical force may be involved, that’s not the same thing as forcing someone to have unwanted sex.

      • Although, the ‘presumed not to give consent if physically helpless’ in that example law would… also snap up a lot of innocent people, since that’s also a big fetish.

          • And I would hope in such cases that the woman would have a quiet word with the police or prosecutor and keep it from reaching trial. (Though I bet the cop who made the arrest would be pretty angry at them and charge them with indecent exposure at the least)

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