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  1. WJS says

    One would think that a girl who’s literally had a gun put to her head for sex wouldn’t throw the word “rape” around so liberally. Yeah yeah, “Rape 1” and “Rape 2”, but while it’s called rape “as a matter of law”, as a matter of fact, they aren’t two levels of the same thing, they aren’t the same thing at all.

    • Can you please clarify how being forced to have sex against your will by physical force, and being forced to have sex against your will by being drugged “aren’t the same thing at all”?

      • In the same way that having your money stolen by an armed robber who threatens to end your life if you don’t hand over the cash is much worse than having that same money pickpocketed while you sleep.

        Both things suck, but it’s no stretch at all to say the former is far worse.

        (Not that I’m trying to equate being sexually violated and losing money as at all similar in kind; rather, the point is that you can make anything much worse by adding a serious death threat to it).

        • Being raped via being drugged can be just as traumatizing as being raped at gunpoint – the same loss of control, the same fear the violator will kill you in your helpless state order to silence you. The claim that one is far worse than the other just doesn’t hold up in practice, and the other claim – that they aren’t the same thing at all – is way out of touch with reality.

  2. Gregory T. Bogosian says

    If I am interpreting this sequence correctly, the Stickie doesn’t remember what happened the night that she was with Bartholomew. So even she doesn’t know if she actually wanted to do it or not. It makes sense that this case resulted in an acquittal because it all depends on a statement that Stickie cannot support even to herself.

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