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  1. Robert Montrose says

    Part of the problem with society being judgmental about women’s sexual choices without casting a corresponding glance on men.

      • What are you talking about? It’s incredibly difficult to get a rape conviction, and rape victims constantly face prejudice, harassment, and victim-blaming.

        • What and those accused of rape don’t face approbation, assault, harassment to a worse degree? Tell me the last time someone in the western world was killed for having been raped. I don’t have to go beyond this year to run out of fingers for people killed because someone accused them of rape. In at least one of these cases it was clear, posthumously, that no such rape occurred.

          Also, if two people are too drunk to consent the assumption is the male is the rapist. These get convicted at an admittedly low rate but there are people being beaten in jail for being rapists because they got too paraletic to make a decision and someone else to paraletic to make an informed decision slept with them.

        • Once again, two wrongs don’t make a right. That just means you have two parties wronged by society rather than one. As the earlier chapter on overcriminalization showed, there’s no faster way to make a societal problem worse than making a bad law to cover over it.

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