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  1. ManYunSoo says

    But what if Giorgio is the state plate-throwing champion and he knew that he had thrown the plate in such a way as to cause the least possible damage?

    • In that case for all the prosecutor knows Giorgio could have thrown the plate in a way meant to make Luanne fall onto the bottle so her death would look like an accident.

  2. michael says

    So, if I am understanding this right, had he instead thrown a light plastic plate he would be largely of the hook. A light plastic plate would not likely kill her, so it would be an accident that she died, right?

    • It would change this part of the process, at least. If it were just a light plastic or paper plate he’d thrown at her (the kind of thing a pair of rowdy friends might do to annoy each other), and something fluttering in her face happened to make her trip and fall that way, it would probably at least be a much lighter charge.

  3. The addition of “heavy” to the plate description brings up a point. Plates are a traditional comedy weapon of the housewife attacking hubby. He is presumed to survive such fights and may not even be noticeably injured. This in turn suggests a presumption that the thrower is not expecting to seriously hurt the target. So her death here can easily qualify as unpredictable.

    • I don’t think that is comparable. The presumption that the attack is survivable comes not from the lightness of the plate but from the fact that a “Real Man” wouldn’t be threatened by a feeble lady-like attack.

      Which is two kinds of sexist:
      1) It assumes women are not capable of launching an assault and therefore have not business in an infantry or armor division.
      2) It assumes that domestic violence against men isn’t an issue.

      For good reason, feminist organizations are working to fix this impression and provide resources to domestic violence survivors of all genders.

      • Actually, feminist organisations like to encourage domestic violence victims groups to exclude male victims. They like to pretend that domestic violence is something that mostly happens to women, regardless of what those pesky police reports say. Many shelters for victims only accept women, for example.

      • Must be fine china, then. Or tea plates. I wouldn’t want a normal medium or large plate to be thrown at me like a frisb-, er, discus.

        I think you’ll find that comedy plates on TV are all lightweight and designed to shatter easily.

  4. LookielouE1707 says

    I only just noticed this, but it’s really creepy that the prosecutor is debating with the defendant instead of his attorney.

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