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  1. kd7sov says

    Uh-oh. Pretty sure that’s often a viable charge right there, assuming he’s got an audience other than us: attempting to foment rebellion.

    • I’m not sure that’s illegal in the US, as long as all you’re doing is calling for it, or trying to do it non-violently. Chuck hasn’t done anything violent yet.

  2. Liam says

    I love the introduction: ‘Meet Chuck.’ ‘Go to hell.’

  3. Robert Montrose says

    All true Chuck, but might I advise a different choice of tactics?

  4. Dhamon says

    I vote for grass roots movement, keep it non-violent, and you should be able to call for revolution. Hell, wasn’t the second amendment written so that your average citizen (which in Amend. 2 is referred to as the ‘militia’) would have access to guns so that they had defense against a corrupt government?

        • Yes. Small arms are no longer the primary means of causing casualties among military forces in conventional wars. Now guerrilla or insurgent wars are another matter, but insurgent warfare comes with it’s own set of rules that the US does not really meet.

  5. Aieou says

    Chuck is so angry at the government, he’s standing in cyberspace while dollar signs and voting boxes float by. XD

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