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  1. ManYunSoo says

    …unless the punishment is a max of 24 hours in jail, in which case they can skip all of these. Oh, and they can dig around in your anus for prison safety reasons while they’re at it.

      • And if you have both standing, and a shit ton of money, you can spend the shit ton of money, and lose.

    • Or take you out of county to another hospital (because the first one wouldn’t play ball) and use a court order to repeatedly probe your anus looking for evidence, then when they don’t find it, sedate you and give you a colonoscopy for no medical benefit whatsoever, finally releasing you when it turns out you never had anything illegal on you, the court order expires, and the day shift threatens to come in and tell all of your officers to go to hell for what you’ve just done.

      True story, happened twice in AZ.

    • Or agents of the state can just shoot you or your dog, claiming they thought their safety was in jeopardy.

  2. Legion says

    I’m guessing that any secondary issues from sudden incarceration aren’t part of the State’s responsibility.
    If I get picked up for matching the description of bank robber, held for a few days, and then find out my boss fired me for not showing up for work does the State have anything to say besides A) we have an Employment Service you should talk to, and B) sucks to be you.

  3. John says

    Do you really have a right if it merely means that someone denying you that right will be punished if caught?

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