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  1. Anonymous says

    Oh. He thinks he knows the Fourth and Fifth better than the Supreme Court.
    Starting in with the corrupt cops a bit early, aren’t we?

    • No, it’s that he’s expected to know and obey the finer points of the 4th & 5th when the Supreme Court itself can’t always make up its mind about them. He’s complaining, not bragging.

  2. Bob Loblaw says

    Well he is right about being a tool

  3. Gregory Bogosian says

    Isn’t every public servant a tool of policy makers? Don’t they get paid exclusively and explicitly to implement public policies?

  4. Jerry L Kreps says

    The SCOTUS has ruled more than once that the police have no obligation to protect a person even if they know that person is in mortal danger. They have also ruled that a warrant isn’t necessary if the owner isn’t home, even if he’s isn’t home because he has been arrested and jailed Just like the 2nd Amendment, our other rights enumerated in the Bill Of Rights are being infringed out of existence.

    • Also, courts are now taking the position that cops can make “reasonable” mistakes of law (and of fact) without invalidating their actions, latitiude not granted to the civilians they interact with, so this cop is barking up the wrong tree – it’s the people he stops who have to know the law better than the supreme court does, if they want to exercise their rights without being punished for it.

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