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  1. Robert says

    I’d imagine knowledge of illicit materials from a month’s time ago (especially materials that small and easily relocated) isn’t enough evidence to quite justify a search warrant?

    Would something larger be easier to follow up on, like “A month ago I saw a whole pot farm in the basement” or “A meth lab, that against all odds hasn’t blown up yet, is in the bathroom, but I haven’t seen it in a month” be easier for a DA to swallow? Or should I hush up and keep listening? :)

    • It just depends on the circumstances.

      When I was a prosecutor, my general rule of thumb was two looks within the last ten days. But as you point out, the more permanent the situation, the less likely it is that older information will be considered… uh… (turn the page for the word.)

  2. Raen says

    …why does she have a pen?

  3. If memory serves, this is the checklist I had taped next to my phone for a number of years:

    1. Did you DECS the location? (Don’t draft otherwise)
    [That meant checking the database to make sure you wouldn’t be blowing someone else’s investigation. Very important.]

    2. Did you recon the location? (Don’t draft otherwise)

    3. Where are you calling from? (If officer inside location after hot pursuit, etc., freeze and wait for warrant before searching)

    4. When do you plan to execute? (If not tonight, goodnight)

    5. Why do you need to do it tonight?

    6. When was the last look?

    7. Who What Where When, details details details

    8. Informant available for judge?

    9. Can we use U/C or surveillance instead? (Don’t jeopardize informant)

  4. DHGM says

    Didn’t know the prosecutor was a Portal fan.

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