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  1. Robert Montrose says

    I think it also deserves note that if one really wants to make a political statement, it’s probably better to save it for trial. Also, if you’re really certain you’re sunk and you just want to make your statement before being sent away, you usually get a little more wiggle room representing yourself, since you aren’t assumed by the court to know what’s permissible and you’re not in danger of disbarment. If you’re lucky you’ll find your own William Kunstler who will be willing to risk contempt charges to support you, but otherwise you’re not likely to get a lawyer who is willing to run a political trial for you.

  2. grungluck says

    I don’t enjoy how the antagonists are represented as “Anonymous,” — who have had zero terrorist plots factually attributed to them, versus right-wing extremists, which have killed and threatened many… Notably the triple murder in Las Vegas most recently, 1995 Timothy McVeigh boming which killed 168 people, and the 2009 execution of three Pittsburgh police officers. Which appears at this very moment to some, including myself, to be propagating due to the economic downturn and the election of the first black president.

  3. Em says

    “If you walk through the garden/You better watch your back…”

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