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  1. Marc says

    In emergencies like these, can a warrant be drafted and approved in time before the perp has a chance to leave? By how it was described in the past section, it seemed like the persecutors and the judge took their time to be careful. Or, does one even need to be made, especially in a terrorism case?

    • You can get a search warrant pretty fast, sometimes. And when the police are making sure they do everything by the book (because they don’t want the perp to walk), they will very often “freeze” the location until a warrant can be obtained.

      There are plenty of exceptions, of course, such as when someone might be in danger inside and you can’t wait for a warrant. But we’ll be covering the exceptions to the warrant requirement later — I didn’t want to get ahead of ourselves here.

      • I believe that in the aftermath of the Boston bombing, the judges at the the federal courthouse specifically made themselves available for low-latency warrants.

  2. guy person says

    How did they find the first package? The coded addresses seemed like targets, not drop off points.

    So wouldn’t the packages lead them to the targets then the bombers, not the leader?

    • That seems to be a fair-sized plot hole here. They had the list of targets, but this is playing out like they had the addresses of the other bombers. It definitely feels like we missed a bit.

      • In the previous page you see they tracked the billing address of the phone belonging to the person who called on behalf of ‘Cortana’s Cuts’. When they got to that address, they saw a van drop off a package and drive away. They then followed that van and noted every address at which it made a delivery.

  3. Funny, I don’t recall seeing anything that looked like that room at Wrigley Field….

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