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There are now 17 comments... what are your thoughts?
  1. Rockie says

    Great stuff.

    Thanks for the regular (recently) updates.

  2. pingo1387 says

    Hm… what motive could that (apparently young) girl have for participating in terrorist bombing?

  3. Icalasari says

    “Promotion of of felonious acts”

  4. Prisoners Dillema says

    Apparently cute too, like a lot of the young, female characters in this series. I’m gonna stop there, lest Π or someone else decides to file sexual harassment charges on me.

  5. Liam says

    This story was great. Do you draw inspiration from crime stories like Law & Order at all, or are you basing these off of your own experiences?

  6. Bob Loblaw says

    She had the, “Are you a cop?” logo on her shirt on the last page, but it’s gone in these panels. But, her shorts and socks are the same. Did you just forget to draw the logo?

  7. Antistone says

    I need to get a phone that shouts “ringtone!” when someone calls.

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